Dancing with the Stars Season 32 Episode 9 Recap: A Celebration of Taylor Swift (2024)

On a night filled with shiny fringe and some bad puns, Dancing with the StarsSeason 32 Episode 9, “A Celebration of Taylor Swift,” offered some memorable moments to be sure.

The Taylor Swift-themed competition began with an elaborate routine from the pros, followed by a message from Taylor herself, who lamented being unable to be there in person.

Yet somehow, the theme became underwhelming from there, perhaps in part because there was so much hype leading up to it. It also felt odd to have all the music sung by… not Taylor Swift.

The guestjudge this week, because I guess we’re always doing that now, was choreographer Mandy Moore. Considering how much she’s worked on this show, there really couldn’t be a more appropriate guest judge to join the table. Yet, I wonder why we can’t just have the classic three.

And without a troupe to fill the gaps, a show that felt rushed in the early episodes of the season feels now as though it’s dragging on too long.

All of that said, the dances were fun, and every couple showed improvement this week.

Here are the highlights from the competition this week:

Alyson and Sasha kicked off the night with a cha-cha. As usual, Alyson’s energy and enthusiasm made it fun to watch despite any mistakes.

The judges praised how she’s continued to improve, but also noted that she missed a few steps. Carrie Ann also suggested that Alyson could be challenged more at this stage in the competition. They earned a 29/40.

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Next up, Ariana and Pasha danced a beautiful Rumba once again, placed them near the top of the leaderboard. The judges praised the routine, and Carrie Ann, in particular, said she was glad to see how they showcased the technique of the dance. They earned a score of 37/40.

Jason and Daniella made a bit of a comeback this week with their Argentine Tango. The judges were thrilled with it, and Bruno called it “superb” and a “tour de force.” Mandy Moore called it “grounded and epic.” They earned a perfect score — the only one of the night. 40/40.

Harry and Rylee’s Rumba seemed difficult for the judges to comment on. Bruno appreciated the chemistry, which makes sense considering the connection these two have built. Still, despite the progress they all said he’d made, they told him there was more work to be done. They earned a score of 30/40.

Charity and Artem followed with an Argentine Tango that was sharp, powerful, and engaging.Derek called it stunning, and Carrie Ann said her lines were “unmatched,” but she’d like to see more passion. They earned a 38/40.

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Last up was Xochitl and Val, who danced a Quickstep that was, truthfully, the most entertaining dance of the evening. Mandy Moore called it “poetry in motion” and Carrie Ann said Xochitl was “the most animated and enthusiastic performer” ever on the show. They earned a 38/40.

Once again, there were two rounds of competition this week. After the individual dances, the couples competed in a relay round. Two couples danced the same style of dance back-to-back and the routine the judges enjoyed the most won extra points. The couples that won the bonus points were Xochitl and Val, Alyson and Sasha.

The pairings made this interesting, and really, made the competition feel more fair considering the fact that the judges are no longer able to save deserving couples from elimination. Those bonus points certainly did affect the leaderboard.

And this week, the couple sent home was also the couple with the lowest overall score. Harry and Rylee were eliminated this week.

Here are this week’s final scores, which include bonus points from the relay round:
  • Jason Mraz and Daniella: 43
  • Xochitl Gomez and Val: 41
  • Charity Lawson and Artem: 38
  • Ariana Madix and Pasha: 37
  • Alyson Hannigan and Sasha: 32
  • Harry Jowsey and Rylee: 30 — ELIMINATED

What did you think of this episode ofDancing with the Stars? Who was your favorite dancer? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Dancing with the Starsairs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC and Disney+. Viewers can stream the series on Hulu the following day.

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Dancing with the Stars Season 32 Episode 9 Recap: A Celebration of Taylor Swift (2024)


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