Our Top Tested Shoes for Bunions Will Keep You Moving Pain-Free (2024)

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Our Top Tested Shoes for Bunions Will Keep You Moving Pain-Free (1)

Bunions are common, often painful, and occur when a bony deformity in the foot causes the first metatarsal bone to become more prominent. It's important to wear the right shoes if you're experiencing bunions as they can be aggravated by improper footwear and worsen over time. The best shoes for bunions are comfortable enough to wear all day and are neither too flat nor high-heeled. Other essential features include a soft, flexible upper, ample cushioning, and good arch support. Perhaps, the most important element is a wide toe box (not to be confused with wide-width shoes), which is more fan-shaped and widens at the toe of the shoe to prevent exacerbating the pain caused by bunions.

We consulted foot specialists, and then researched and tested dozens of shoes to determine the best pairs for bunions. We evaluated them based on fit, cushioning, comfort, stability, quality, and value by wearing them and walking around for different intervals of time ranging from 30 minutes to eight hours. We did our best to perform as many regular daily activities (shopping, running errands, sightseeing, etc.) to test whether these shoes would stand the test of time for feet with bunions without causing any irritation. Additionally, our Medical Expert Board podiatrist reviewed this article for medical and scientific accuracy.Based on our real-world tests, a shoe on this list will likely meet your needs, budget, and preferences.

Our Top Picks

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Best for Plantar Fasciitis:

Kizik Roamer at Kizik.com ($109)

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Best Running Shoe:

On Cloud 5 at Amazon ($155)

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Best Overall

Adidas Ultraboost Light Running Shoe

Our Top Tested Shoes for Bunions Will Keep You Moving Pain-Free (2)


  • Plush, yet airy and breathable

  • Sustainable materials

  • Stretchy


  • Minimal arch support

Key Specs:

Women's Sizes: 5 to 12 | Men's Sizes: 4 to 18 | Widths: Regular | Upper Material: Mesh

Why We Recommend It

The Ultraboost Light is the lightest Adidas yet designed for dynamic energy return and responsiveness. Also created with sustainability in mind, the mesh upper is made with yarn containing at least 50% recycled materials that add flexible support and stability to each stride. We love that the featherlight fabric has great breathability and plenty of elasticity for movement. There's not a single area that felt uncomfortable or anything less than ideal as we tested. Our toes had the perfect amount of space and could wiggle easily. There was a lot of extra padding around the Achilles tendon (though this took some time to get used to). The stretchy, sock-like upper made these easy to slip on and off. And the laces can be pulled tighter to adjust the fit for added support.

We liked that the wide outsole helped us feel stable and confident on pavement, uneven surfaces, grass, and indoors. We felt anchored, but not weighed down. In fact, they put some extra pep in our step and provided great shock absorption. One of our editors walked nearly double their normal speed and the transition from each step was made easier. We appreciated that the Adidas Ultraboost Light combined thoughtful design features with attention-grabbing, trendy colors, making them our best overall.

Keep in Mind

There was minimal arch support, and while they were true to size they may be too wide for those with narrow feet. People with narrow feet may want to consider other options or purchase thicker socks so they can feel secure when wearing them.

Best Budget

Skechers Go Walk Flex Alani

Our Top Tested Shoes for Bunions Will Keep You Moving Pain-Free (3)

Key Specs:

Women's Sizes: 5 to 11 | Men's Sizes: Unavailable | Widths: Medium, wide | Upper Material: Fabric, mesh

Why We Recommend It

Skechers GO WALK FLEX Alani shoes are 100% vegan and they're our pick for the best budget shoe for bunions because they don't compromise value for comfort (or fun). The foam insole adds a breathable, lightweight layer of long-term, responsive cushioning for all-day comfort. It felt like we were standing on a dense memory foam mattress and, at the risk of sounding melodramatic, like a good hug—snug, warm, and firm. Our arches felt pretty supported without any discomfort or pain. We loved that our toes had plenty of wiggle room and the heel absorbed the impact of the step while boosting us forward when we walked.

Over time, the insole hasn’t worn down and they’ve held up very well. We haven’t noticed any wear and tear beyond the usual mucking up of the shoe bottom after going outside. While these shoes look a little clunky, they prove to be lightweight and ideal for everyday wear.

Keep in Mind

The shoes come with stretch laces that aren't very adjustable. You may need to consider other lacing options if your feet don't properly fit in the sneakers.

Best Customizable

Orthofeet Kita Hands-Free Sneakers

Our Top Tested Shoes for Bunions Will Keep You Moving Pain-Free (4)


  • Customizable with additional insoles and an adjustable arch support

  • Slip resistant

  • Good heel cushioning


  • Feet felt warm while wearing

Key Specs:

Women's Sizes: 5 to 12 | Men's Sizes: Unavailable | Widths: Medium, wide, extra wide | Upper Material: Fabric

Why We Recommend It

The Kita Hands-Free shoes from Orthofeet are water-repellent, easy to clean, and available in a range of sizes from five to 12, including extra wide widths.The premium orthotic insoles, adjustable arch support, and patented slip-on system make these our most customizable shoes for people with bunions. During testing, we loved the bounce of these shoes. They didn’t feel like “moon boots” but still helped propel us and provided support. They were springy, yet solid and retained their bounce, unlike memory foam.

We liked that we could leave these shoes tied, slip them on and off, and they maintained a great fit. We also love that they come with ways to modify the fit to accommodate bunions, including two additional insole cushions and adjustable arch support. The shoes have remained in good shape with routine wear indoors and outside. Even after wearing them all day, our feet were not fatigued.

Keep in Mind

On occasion, our feet felt a bit warm. Not so much so that we had to take them off, but it was noticeable.

Best with Arch Support

Ryka Devotion X Walking Shoe

Our Top Tested Shoes for Bunions Will Keep You Moving Pain-Free (5)


  • Cushioning for shock absorption and impact protection

  • Excellent shock return

  • Good for all terrains


  • Few color options

Key Specs:

Women's Sizes: 5 to 12 | Men's Sizes: Unavailable | Widths: Medium, wide | Upper Material: Breathable mesh with partially recycled linings

Why We Recommend It

The Ryka Devotion X sneakers are a fan favorite for high-impact fitness walking. They've been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance for products that promote good foot health. During testing, we were pleasantly surprised by how soft the inside of this shoe felt. The responsive cushioning added noticeable shock absorption and high-impact protection, even on stairs. We were bouncing from step to step due to excellent energy return making our walks more manageable and enjoyable. Our feet felt rock solid while walking on all terrains, including on the wet ground after rain.

We loved that the Ryka Devotion X provided just the right amount of arch support, even for those of us with flat feet. Wearing the shoes felt lush and cloud-soft, but still let our feet breathe nicely. They are well-made, sturdy, and ideal walking shoes. After many miles, they’re still as good as new.

Keep in Mind

If you're looking for a fashionable sneaker, these may not be the best option for you. There aren't many colors or styles available.

Best for Plantar Fasciitis

Kizik Roamer

Our Top Tested Shoes for Bunions Will Keep You Moving Pain-Free (6)


  • Shock-absorbent cushioning

  • No chafing

  • Great for warm climates/weather


  • Not available in wide width

  • Not great on all terrains

Key Specs:

Women's Sizes: 6 to 13 | Men's Sizes: 4.5 to 15 | Widths: Standard | Upper Material: Stretch knit

Why We Recommend It

The lightweight insole cushions of these shoes help protect against the pain of plantar fasciitis by bouncing back upon impact. Together with a roomy toe box and hands-free, slip-on technology, the Kizik Roamer is our best shoe for people with plantar fasciitis. During testing, the fit was true to size, but wide enough so that they didn't rub on our bunions. We didn’t experience any chafing, despite wearing them all day. These shoes were very cushiony and provided lots of shock absorption which helped ease the discomfort of plantar fasciitis. The upper is breathable making them great for warm weather.

Not only did these shoes feel amazing, they were stylish enough to wear out and about, even to meet up with friends. They're extremely versatile, durable, and high quality which makes them worth the price.

Keep in Mind

We noticed a slight catch on certain terrains due to the tread, but these shoes still can be worn on most surfaces. We wore them on grass, gravel, concrete, flooring, and more.


  • Available in lots of sizes and colors

  • Curved toe and heel

  • Pull tabs allow for easy slipping on and off


  • Provide less stability

Key Specs:

Women's Sizes: 5 to 13 | Men's Sizes: 6 to 16 | Widths: Standard | Upper Material: Knit

Why We Recommend It

Designed to deliver extra softness with every stride, the GEL-NIMBUS 25 makes each step feel like landing on a cloud. Stretchy, breathable knit, and foam keep this shoe lightweight, while gel enhances shock absorption and comfort.

We found ourselves reaching for these shoes over and over again. Our heels never slipped out of place, our toes had plenty of room, and they fit true to size. The toe and heel curved up a bit, creating a “canoe” shape that allowed us to rock forward with momentum. The shock support made landings soft and low-impact. Overall, the extra padding and super springy bounce-back made these some of the most comfortable shoes we’ve ever worn.Not to mention the pull tabs made them so easy to slip on and off without untying them.

Keep in Mind

We felt wobbly during our workout warm-up which included single-leg balancing and lunges, so these shoes were better suited for walking or running.


  • Made of high-quality, comfortable materials

  • Quick drying mesh

  • Foot shape accommodates flat feet


  • Minimal arch support isn't ideal for high arches

Key Specs:

Women's Sizes: 5.5 to 12 | Men's Sizes: 7 to 16 | Widths: Regular, wide | Upper Material: Mesh

Why We Recommend It

Altra Lone Peak 7 comes in regular and wide widths and is made with a roomier foot shape to accommodate flat feet which is why this is our pick for the best sneaker for people with flat feet and bunions. This running shoe strikes a balance between cushioning and responsiveness for better alignment and comfort without being too clunky. Quick-drying air mesh keeps feet cool and the grippy outsole adds stability on different types of terrain.

Whether on grass, concrete, or turf we felt agile and steady in the Altra Lone Peak 7. During testing, they provided great traction and shock support. The shoe felt extremely lightweight, yet sturdy and durable. There’s just enough arch support, making them ideal for people with flatter feet. We received lots of compliments on the design and fun colors.

Keep in Mind

We wished they were slightly more bouncy and responsive, but they were still very comfortable.


  • Made with 44% recycled materials and antimicrobial mesh

  • Comes with two ways to lace


  • May not be suitable for colder temperatures or rainy weather

Key Specs:

Women's Sizes: 5 to 11 | Men's Sizes: 7 to 14 | Widths: Regular | Upper Material: Mesh

Why We Recommend It

The On Cloud 5 is created to reduce strain and respond to your unique movements making it our top running shoe. This On fan favorite has been re-engineered with lightweight, breathable mesh, zero-gravity foam for softer landings, and a speed lacing system to take them off and put them on easily. Regular laces are in the box too if that’s your preference.

During testing, our feet felt comforted and supported from toe to heel and they fit perfectly out of the box. Our feet never felt sore, even after wearing them for prolonged periods of time. The Cloud 5 felt responsive and springy, adding pep to our step. Overall, these shoes were balanced and comfortable. We loved the quality craftsmanship and that they come in many color options.

Keep in Mind

We would have liked for them to fit higher near our ankles for more support.

Best for Narrow Feet

Adidas Women's Supernova 2.0 Running Shoes

Our Top Tested Shoes for Bunions Will Keep You Moving Pain-Free (10)


  • Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable

  • Great for narrow feet

  • Responsive cushioning


  • Runs small

  • Not great for high arches

Key Specs:

Women's Sizes: 5 to 12 | Men's Sizes: 4 to 18 | Widths: Regular | Upper Material: Mesh

Why We Recommend It

Crafted to be the ideal mix of bounce and boost, the Adidas Supernova 2.0 sneakers deliver comfort and energy return to help you keep pace. Padded tongues and heels protect against chaffing. The lace closures and slim design work best for people with bunions and narrow feet. During testing, we found that there was sufficient space in the toe area with no rubbing or hot spots. The Supernova 2.0 fit our narrow feet perfectly, especially in the heel. They were comfortable and light and we felt as if we could walk (or run) a marathon in these shoes. We felt stable and supported thanks to the ample cushioning and shock absorption.

We loved how energizing the Adidas Supernova 2.0 were to wear. They propelled us from one step to the next with a springiness that made it easy to keep going. These shoes are quite airy and light and performed well during our daily routines.

Keep in Mind

They tend to run small so we needed to go up half a size. The arch support may not work for people with higher arches.

Most Responsive

Nike Motiva Walking Shoes

Our Top Tested Shoes for Bunions Will Keep You Moving Pain-Free (11)


  • Bouncy, yet stable

  • Supportive

  • Lightweight


  • Run big

Key Specs:

Women's Sizes: 5 to 12 | Men's Sizes: 6 to 15 | Widths: Standard | Upper Material: Knit

Why We Recommend It

A responsive shoe can help you achieve a more efficient stride by quickly transferring energy from your foot to the ground and back again. The Nike Motiva are our pick for the best responsive sneakers for people with bunions because they were created with that in mind. Their distinctively patterned outsole and exaggerated rocker combine to make your stride smooth, cushioned, and comfortable.

Nike Movita are lightweight with ample arch support, shock absorption, and stability. We loved that the rocking motion was subtle, yet active—it gently propelled us and helped us adjust to changes in terrain. We couldn’t passively wander around dragging our feet because the Nike Motiva bounced us into our next step. The active feel gave our legs a noticeable workout and the foam cushioning was more springy than soft, with the emphasis being on propulsion.These attributes took this shoe from a regular walking shoe to what we’d describe as an active performance shoe.

Keep in Mind

If you’re in between sizes, we suggest sizing down by half a size since these ran big for us.

Best Waterproof

Vessi Cityscape Shoes

Our Top Tested Shoes for Bunions Will Keep You Moving Pain-Free (12)


  • Cool and breathable

  • Can we worn comfortably without socks

  • Responsive and bouncy


  • Air-dry only

  • No half sizes

Key Specs:

Women's Sizes: 5 to 11 | Men's Sizes: 6 to 14 | Widths: Standard | Upper Material: Knit

Why We Recommend It

The sleek, narrow-fit Vessi Cityscape Classic shoes are designed for lightweight comfort. These sneakers are 100% waterproof with removable insoles and a flexible, breathable upper. The Cityscape Classic boasts a zero break-in period with a new and improved elastic ankle collar, along with reflective pull tabs to slip the shoes on and off with ease.

These shoes can be worn comfortably with or without socks. During testing, we tried them both ways and didn’t feel any rubbing or blisters either way. The stretchy fabric upper made our feet feel snug and supported, while the sole provided stability. There was just enough arch support and the responsiveness added a good bounce that made our already fast walking even faster. We loved that when one of our editors wore these on a rainy day, her feet remained dry but didn't overheat or get sweaty. Overall rain or shine, these are ideal walking shoes.

Keep in Mind

These sneakers are air-dry only, so you'll have to plan accordingly. They also don't come in half sizes so you'll either have to size up or down if you're in between sizes.

Best for Long Distances

Kizik Women's Athens

Our Top Tested Shoes for Bunions Will Keep You Moving Pain-Free (13)


  • Removable, washable insoles

  • Hands-free to put on or take off

  • Breathable


  • Laces are not adjustable

  • Hard to spot-clean

Key Specs:

Women's Sizes: 5 to 13 | Men's Sizes: 4.5 to 15 | Widths: Standard, wide | Upper Material: Knit

Price at the time of publication: $129

Why We Recommend It

TheKizik Athenscombine function and fashion with spring-back heels, making these sneakers ideal for tackling long-distance runs and walks. The design includes extra foam cushioning, a roomy toe box, and a breathable upper for added comfort, which are important for bunions and long days. Not to mention you don't need to bend down to put them on or take them off, making them accessible for people with limited mobility.

We wore these with and without socks during testing and did not experience chaffing or blisters. Our feet felt comfortably cool even though the sneakers were fairly secure around our feet. The high ankle collar made these some of the most stable slip-on shoes we’ve worn and we felt safe navigating uneven terrain as well as during long walks. All in all, they were soft in all the right areas, super supportive, and comfortable, which was perfect for long days of work or play.

Keep in Mind

The laces aren't adjustable, and these shoes aren't very easy to spot clean.

Best for Cold Weather

Topo Athletic Rekover 2 Women's Recovery Shoe

Our Top Tested Shoes for Bunions Will Keep You Moving Pain-Free (14)


  • Naturally odor-resistant

  • APMA seal of approval

  • Made with blended wool


  • Run small

  • Not available in wide width

Key Specs:

Women’s Sizes: 6 to 11 | Men’s Sizes: 8 to 14 | Widths: Standard | Upper Material: Blended wool

Why We Recommend It

Topo Rekovr 2 is our pick for the best sneakers for cold weather because they're comfortable, secure, and above all things, warm. The upper is made from blended wool to keep feet toasty—not sweaty—on chilly days. These shoes worked well for us during low-impact activities on cooler days. They were quite sturdy on various surfaces. We felt stable while going about errands, walks, and sightseeing. During testing our toes had ample room to spread out naturally in the anatomical toe box, which is important for everyone, but especially if you have bunions.

We thought that the textured insole was pretty awesome. It’s made of soft, squishy foam and we felt as if we were getting a little foot massage when we wore them. There was good arch support and the shoes didn’t require much breaking in. The stitching around the wool upper is very neat and tight, adding even more durability. Topo Rekovr 2 is warm, comfortable, and well-made.As an added bonus: These sneakers have also earned the APMA Seal of Approval for promoting good foot health.

Keep in Mind

Although we didn’t experience any discomfort due to rubbing or blisters, we had to size up a half-size for a better fit.

Best for Everyday

lululemon Women's Running Shoe

Our Top Tested Shoes for Bunions Will Keep You Moving Pain-Free (15)


  • Wide toe box

  • Simplistic, casual design

  • Highly responsive


  • Less stability than similar shoes

  • Not suitable for serious runners

Key Specs:

Women’s Sizes: 5 to 12 | Men's Sizes: Unavailable | Widths: Standard | Upper Material: Knit

Why We Recommend It

The Lululemon Blissfeel 2 shoes are our pick for the best everyday shoes for people with bunions. These shoes are intentionally neutral but built for support and comfort. We enjoyed the responsiveness of the Blissfeel 2. Lightweight foam cushioning softens landings and springs you forward as you pound the pavement. They were featherlight and the springiness helped us push off. Although they’re running shoes, we preferred wearing them as everyday walking shoes. The toe box has plenty of room to accommodate bunions with no hot spots or blisters. Our feet felt cool and quite comfortable.

Overall, we loved the streamlined, athleisure look, and lightweight feel of the shoe. We wore them on vacation and received lots of compliments. The Lulumon Blissfeel 2 effortlessly transitioned from workout to casual and quickly became our go-to.

Keep in Mind

These shoes aren't a great option for runners due to the lack of shock absorption.

We Also Tested

  • Ryka Romia Walking Shoe: These shoes fit true to size and were super comfy at first. However, over time they became less comfortable and we started to experience chafing. Also, because of the cloth material, we didn't feel like they were particularly durable or easy to clean.
  • Allbird Tree Runners: We enjoyed the sock-like, lightweight breathability of the Allbird Tree Runners. The low-profile look and “barely there” feel of these shoes were ideal for light-duty days of commuting to work and running errands. But, we felt like the upper was quite flimsy so we never felt secure or protected, and they didn't feel particularly durable.
  • Teva Canyonview: The Teva Canyonview is a good all-terrain shoe and we had no issues transitioning or adjusting to a variety of surfaces while wearing them. However, the insole was very stiff and rigid and lacked any additional cushioning. The tongue was also too thin compared to the rest of the shoe in our opinion.

Where We Stand

Knowing how brutal foot pain can be, we stand by our best overall sneakers for bunions The Adidas Ultralight Boosts. We fell in love with how secure, responsive, bouncy, and comfortable these shoes were. After testing them we find them to be a great option for people with bunions as they won't irritate your feet or cause pain, and they may actually help you find walking fun.

How We Tested the Best Shoes for Bunions

We tested over 40 walking shoes to find the best shoes for bunions. Upon unboxing each pair of shoes, we thoroughly inspected them and noted our initial impressions of the appearance, quality, and construction. During the testing period, we wore the shoes as often as possible, but at minimum, twice per week for at least eight hours a day. We tested the shoes on different types of terrain. Beyond that, we looked for a few key criteria:

  • Fit: During our test, we paid extra close attention to how the shoes contoured around our feet. We took notes on the material, construction, and the amount of wiggle room our feet and toes had. We ensured we had at least a half inch (a thumb's width) between the edge of our longest toe and the front of the shoe.
  • Stability: We paid close attention as to whether we felt any instability from our feet up to our knees as we walked around. We also noted the level of shock support we felt. We did our best to test the shoes on different terrains as well.
  • Responsiveness: We gauged how effectively our feet propelled forward during our strides during our daily lives and our workouts. We also measured transition time and took into consideration how bouncy the shoes felt.
  • Cushioning: We paid attention to the amount of cushioning in the insoles. We took into account whether they were plush and lavish, or stiff and rigid. We also assessed if there was any extra padding as well.
  • Comfort: We wore the shoes for different lengths of time over the testing period to see how comfortable the shoes were in the beginning, and whether they retained the same level of comfort. We paid close attention to any irritation, chafing, or discomfort that may have popped up.
  • Quality: As soon as we opened the box we took into account the state the shoes came in and whether there were any flaws. We also noted the quality of the materials used during the "bend test." Shoes that passed the bend test bent under the toe versus the middle of the shoe.
  • Value: After looking for all the other key components, we looked at the price of the sneakers to assess if the shoes were worth the financial cost.

What to Look For in Shoes for Bunions

  • Toe box: Bunions often crowd your toes and cause pain. When shopping for shoes to accommodate bunions, it's essential to choose a supportive shoe with a wide, rounded toe box that will accommodate bunion deformity. A generous toe box provides the extra space needed to avoid aggravating bunions.
  • Heel height: It’s best to avoid high heels that add pressure to the ball of the foot and bunion. A neutral heel, no more than 2 inches high, is a safer option. Use your best judgment or consult your podiatrist to determine the heel height that works for you without causing pain.
  • Width: Shoes that are too narrow or stiff will likely aggravate bunions. If you’re buying shoes online, be sure to check the size chart and customer reviews to get an idea of the fit of the shoe. Many brands offer wide widths that may provide extra room to accommodate a bunion.
  • Materials: Opt for shoes made from breathable, flexible, or stretchy materials that will conform to the shape of your feet more easily. Shoes with no elasticity or give will likely cause discomfort. Mesh, knit, neoprene, and even soft leather are more forgiving and will contour to the bunion and minimize pressure.
  • Shoe styles: Shoes with a neutral, low heel and a wide toe box that are made of flexible material are optimal when you have bunions. Wearing proper shoes can help prevent bunions from developing or worsening. Beware of high heels, flats, flip-flops, and shoes without arch support. Prioritize support, flexibility, and comfort.

Our Experts

  • Diana Valencia, DMP, a podiatric surgeon at NYC Foot & Ankle Center in New York City

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you stretch shoes for bunions?

    If you have a pair of shoes that are too tight in the toe area, there are a few ways you can stretch them out to make them more comfortable. One way is to wear the shoes for short periods of time to stretch them out gradually. Shoe stretching sprays and solutions are also available and can be used to help stretch shoes to accommodate bunions better.

  • Can shoes correct a bunion?

    There is no definitive answer as to whether or not shoes can correct a bunion. However, wearing the proper shoes can help prevent bunions from developing and minimize pain. If you're experiencing pain in your feet, be sure to consult with a podiatrist or other medical professional to get a proper diagnosis.

  • Are wide shoes better for bunions?

    Try on a few different styles and sizes to find the best fit when shopping for shoes. Wearing shoes with a wider toe box can help reduce the pain and pressure caused by bunions. Some brands also offer wide widths, providing the extra room you need for added comfort.

Why Trust Verywell Health

Lindsay Modglin has written articles for Insider, Forbes, Everyday Health, and many more. She has a decade of clinical health and wellness experience as a nurse. She also holds a professional certificate in scientific writing from Stanford University, further helping her break down complex health concepts into easy-to-understand language. Her number-one priority is ensuring that readers have access to accurate and actionable information to make the best health decisions.

Our Top Tested Shoes for Bunions Will Keep You Moving Pain-Free (2024)


What is the best shoe to wear if you have bunions? ›

Exceptional comfort made Hoka's Ora Recovery Shoe our clear-cut winner for the best overall choice for feet with bunions. A stretchy and flexible material helped keep pressure off the bunion-affected areas, and a memory foam heel and cushioning in the midsole further promoted comfort.

Is there a bunion corrector that actually works? ›

Unfortunately, there is no medical research or data to support the claim that bunion correctors straighten the big toe. If your bunions are pretty severe, no plastic or elastic device is going to correct them. However, these correctors and splints may provide some pain relief to the big toe.

What do podiatrists recommend for bunions? ›

A podiatrist may recommend these treatments: Padding and Taping: Often the first step in a treatment plan, padding the bunion minimizes pain and allows the patient to continue a normal, active life. Taping helps keep the foot in a normal position, thus reducing stress and pain.

What is the device to fix bunions without surgery? ›

Bunion toe spacers fit between the big toe and the second toe, and can keep them from crowding and rubbing each other. Spacers can also help straighten the big toe and can be worn inside shoes. Bunion splints wrap around your big toe and foot, similar to a sleeve.

Is walking barefoot better for bunions? ›

Going barefoot is ideal in the beginning stages of bunions. When barefoot, the joints of the toes will get stronger, an important part of good foot health.

What worsens bunions? ›

Wearing shoes that don't fit

High heels aren't the only poor shoe choice you can make. Any shoes that are too big, too small, too narrow, or too pointed cause rubbing and pressure on your bunion.

How to straighten out a bunion? ›

It's really quite simple: With the use of bunion splints or toe spacers (such as Correct Toes—McClanahan's own invention) toes can be gradually restored to a more natural position, thereby undoing the motion that pushes the bunion out. In other words, as your toes spread out, the bunion starts to recede.

How many hours should you wear a bunion corrector? ›

Initial wear should be limited to no longer than 30 minutes. After a few such uses, you should find all-night wear to be comfortable. Wearing a light sock reduces interference with sheets. Gradually increase band tension, over time, without causing discomfort.

Do over the counter bunion correctors work? ›

Bunion correctors might temporarily relieve pain associated with bunions, but they do not treat bunion pain at the source. In other words, bunion correctors only address the symptoms of bunions. They do not address the causes.

Does Vicks help bunions? ›

Sounds crazy, right? But, according to the NIH, menthol and camphor — two of the active ingredients in Vicks VapoRub — may help soothe inflamed joints and muscles by acting as a topical anesthetic. Treating bunions with Vicks may provide temporary, superficial pain relief.

How to stop throbbing bunion pain? ›

How can you get rid of bunion pain?
  1. Choose the right shoes. Low-heeled shoes with a wide toe box reduce pressure on your big toe and provide plenty of room.
  2. Add some cushion. Wearing a bunion pad can keep your big toe from rubbing against your shoe.
  3. Stretch. ...
  4. Apply ice. ...
  5. Try a pain reliever.
Mar 7, 2022

Why avoid bunion surgery? ›

While this procedure is often used to reduce pain and improve the appearance of the foot, it can also lead to permanent changes in the natural shape and alignment of the bones in your foot/feet, which will affect the biomechanics of your feet and how they absorb pressures when you walk, stand, climb, run, etc.

Do I need wide shoes if I have bunions? ›

If you form a Bunion and continue to wear ill-fitted shoes, the Bunion will continue to get larger. Fitting a Bunion in a wide shoe, along with proper fitting arch support you are decreasing the chances of it getting any larger and it will also alleviate the pain associated with a Bunion.

What should you avoid when you have bunions? ›

If you have bunions, you'll want to avoid high-purine foods like:
  • Red meat.
  • Shellfish.
  • Organ meats (liver, kidneys, etc.)
  • Certain types of fish (anchovies, sardines, herring)
Apr 12, 2023

Is Crocs good for bunion? ›

Flip-flops: Crocs

Why? Traditional flip-flops put strain on and can irritate the big toe joint, where bunions happen. Pros: If you're set on wearing a pair, Crocs has very lightweight, durable options that are below a $40 price tag.

Do bunions need arch support? ›

Good shoes for bunions will have a wide toe box, good arch support, and a cushioned footbed. Look for shoes with wide options to better accommodate your bunion and avoid putting further pressure on your toe joints.


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