The Voice Recap: Which of the Top 12 Sang Like They Were Bound for the Semi-Finals… and Beyond! (2024)

The Voice Recap: Which of the Top 12 Sang Like They Were Bound for the Semi-Finals… and Beyond! (1)

The Voice became a whole new ballgame Monday, as the remaining contestants vied not for the favor of coaches Gwen Stefani, John Legend, Niall Horan and/or Reba McEntire but for the audience’s seal of approval. Which of the Top 12 gave performances that seemed to guarantee them a spot in the Semi-Finals? Read on, and we’ll discuss.

The Voice Recap: Which of the Top 12 Sang Like They Were Bound for the Semi-Finals… and Beyond! (2)

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Jacquie Roar (Team Reba), “Wildflowers and Wild Horses” — Grade: B | First out of the gate, Reba’s country rocker delivered a strong vocal on Lainey Wilson’s hit, but it was undermined by a performance that was oftentimes too cutesy for its own good. In the end, despite that impressive “roar,” she left the impression that she wasn’t as connected to the song as she could’ve and should’ve been.

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Nini Iris (Team Niall), “Lovesong” — Grade: A | On The Cure’s classic ballad, Niall’s alt-rocker gave us a singularly well-modulated performance that built in intensity to the point that the song could’ve been an epic Bond theme. I suspect her vocal at times got too yelly for some viewers, but I dug it in a big way. “And the Grammy goes to…” Nini’s coach joked when she was done. But seriously, though; she slayed.

The Voice Recap: Which of the Top 12 Sang Like They Were Bound for the Semi-Finals… and Beyond! (3)

Kara Tenae (Team Gwen), “Love” — Grade: B- | On Mega Mentor Chance the Rapper’s favorite song, Kara poured her whole heart out. But while her voice was full of emotion, her face just… wasn’t. Gorgeous, yes, but also impassive. That, combined with some pitch issues here and there on her rendition of Keyshia Cole’s ballad, were going to leave her in the danger zone Tuesday.

Tanner Massey (Team Gwen), “Thnks fr th Mmrs” — Grade: C | In rehearsal, the 19-year-old said that Fallout Boy’s rocker embodied everything that he wanted to be as an artist. “Umm… is there another option?” I thought to myself. Tanner’s cover wasn’t a train wreck, but when he wasn’t being drowned out by the band, he mostly sounded like he’d bitten off a bigger number than he could chew.

Lila Forde (Team Legend), “Closer to Fine” — Grade: A+ | At this point, Lila has become for me what Maelyn Jarmon was back in Season 16 — a singer so superlative that it hardly even seems like a competition anymore. Predictably, her take on the Indigo Girls’ hit was magnificent to the nth. Her coach further praised Lila as the first artist of the night to really bring us into their own world.

The Voice Recap: Which of the Top 12 Sang Like They Were Bound for the Semi-Finals… and Beyond! (4)

Ruby Leigh (Team Reba), “You Lie” — Grade: C | “She does it better than me!” Ruby’s coach marveled after hearing the 16-year-old in rehearsal. On stage, though…eesh. Maybe nerves got to the youngster, but she ran into more pitch issues than we’re used to hearing from her. On top of that, perhaps owing to her age, she didn’t seem to connect to the emotion of the song. (Reba disagreed, but then, we’d expect her to, wouldn’t we?)

Huntley (Team Niall), “With a Little Help From My Friends” — Grade: A | Huntley’s massive voice + The Beatles’ golden oldie = a winning formula. Now there’s a guy that the band couldn’t drown out if it tried! He was so into it, so passionate, so tastefully screechy, I wanted to give him a lozenge when he was done. Also, we’ve gotta give him bonus points for working so hard to follow Niall and Chance’s instructions and keep his eyes open.

Azán (Team Legend), “Ex-Factor” — Grade: A | OK, can we talk about feeling a number? ‘Cause Azán was 100% into her Lauryn Hill cover. Her vocal was spot on, too — gorgeous, nuanced and saturated with emotion. Her coach cheered on the radiance for which his Super Save contestant is known. I just wondered whether the song was going to resonate with the Voice audience, which tends to be pretty middle-of-the-road in its musical preferences.

Jordan Rainer (Team Reba), “Stranger in My House” — Grade: A- | Since Ruby stumbled Monday, Reba’s country lane was wide open for Jordan — and she did not stumble. She gave a tangy performance of Ronnie Milsap’s oldie that really packed a punch. My one criticism? Much as I love Jordan’s sunglasses as part of her persona, I do wish she’d ditch them so we could see the fire in her eyes as well as hear the fire in her voice.

The Voice Recap: Which of the Top 12 Sang Like They Were Bound for the Semi-Finals… and Beyond! (5)

Mara Justine (Team Niall), “Lose Control” — Grade: A+ | On Teddy Swims’ viral smash, the 21-year-old Jersey girl killed, absolutely killed, navigating a hella-tricky verse melody and turning loose the voice of a woman possessed on the choruses. And Mara wholly owned that stage. The way she embodied the song, it was like, “Whoa. There had been no one before her, and there would be no one after her.” Stunning.

Mac Royals (Team Legend), “I Can’t Make You Love Me” — Grade: B- | Ha — smart: Song selection doesn’t get much safer than Bonnie Raitt’s ballad. And everybody knows the song so well, it left a lot of room for Mac to put his own spin on it. Trouble was, the spin that he put on it was kinda boring. Was his rendition nice? Sure. But was it enough to get him to the Semi-Finals? Questionable. Let’s bring back the real Mac with the swagger and the bedroom voice!

BIAS (Team Gwen), “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” — Grade: B- | On his Johnny Cash cover, BIAS’ vocal was all fire and brimstone —well above average, at least for him. I just can’t get past the cheese factor of his performance(s). It also usually feels like, if he was a stereo, his volume control would indicate that he could go up to 11, but in reality, his voice stops at 7 or 8. Just me?

So, whose performance really blew you away Monday? And whose efforts left you thinking they were going to be led away? Vote in the poll below, then hit the comments.

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The Voice Recap: Which of the Top 12 Sang Like They Were Bound for the Semi-Finals… and Beyond! (2024)


Who made semi finals on The Voice? ›

'The Voice': Final 9 Take It 'Home' For Semis

Asher HaVon, Bryan Olesen, Josh Sanders, Karen Waldrup, Maddi Jane, Madison Curbelo, Nathan Chester, Serenity Arce and Tae Lewis took their spots on stage.

Who is left on The Voice 2024? ›

After kicking off in February 2024 with the Blind Auditions and progressing to the Battles, Knockouts, Playoffs, and Live Shows, we whittled down 40 Artists to just five: Bryan Olesen and Nathan Chester from Team Legend, Josh Sanders and Asher HaVon from Team Reba, and Karen Waldrup from Team Dan + Shay.

Who are the top 5 on The Voice 2024? ›

Monday night was the final night of performances on The Voice and based on those, America will vote one final time for the winner of Season 25. The Top 5 consists of Team Reba McEntire's Josh Sanders and Asher HaVon, Team John Legend's Bryan Olesen and Nathan Chester and Team Dan + Shay's Karen Waldrup.

Who was 3rd place on The Voice? ›

Team Reba's Josh Sanders came in second, while Team Legend's Bryan Olesen came in third. In fourth was Team Legend's Nathan Chester, while Team Dan + Shay's Karen Waldrup came in fifth place.

Who made it to the finals on The Voice? ›

The season 25 finalists of The Voice include the following: Asher Havon (Team Reba), Karen Waldrup (Team Dan + Shay), Josh Sanders (Team Reba), Nathan Chester (Team Legend) and Bryan Olesen (Team Legend).

Who is Ashley Bryant The Voice? ›

Ashley's singing talent was initially hidden until she impressed everyone with a performance during a high school ceremony. She went on to pursue a career in the dental field while developing her singing skills through karaoke, competing in contests just about every weekend.

Why is John Legend leaving The Voice? ›

In May, Legend told Entertainment Tonight that he's leaving the singing show to focus on his upcoming tour, An Evening With John Legend. “We've always got so many things going on. I'll be doing a lot of shows this summer and traveling overseas this summer,” the 12-time Grammy winner explained.

Which coach won The Voice 2024? ›

Asher HaVon was named the winner of the season, marking Reba McEntire's first win as a coach. With HaVon's win, he became the fifth African-American male to win the show. He was also the first openly LGBTQ person to win.

Who won the 2024 The Voice tonight? ›

She has been working at PEOPLE since 2023. Her work has previously appeared on Elle, HGTV and Backstage. Asher HaVon marked a historic win as the champion of The Voice season 25. The Alabama native became the first openly LGBTQ+ singer to win the show in its 13-year history and secured Team Reba's first win.

Who is predicted to win The Voice in 2024? ›

Despite Asher having the best voice, there's a good chance that the win will go to Karen or Josh Sanders being, as mentioned earlier, they are country artists.

Who is the most famous singer to come out of The Voice? ›

Former Hey Monday singer and season three champ Cassadee Pope, who won in December 2012, is still the most successful winner of "The Voice." Pope, 34, already had a following by the time she appeared on "The Voice," but she was competing in a completely new genre.

What do the top 5 winners get on The Voice? ›

Over the seasons, the winners of The Voice received the chance to sign a record deal with labels like Universal Music Group and even Big Machine Label Group. But while the record deals changed over the seasons – one aspect has remained the same as every winner walked away with a cash prize of $100,000.

Who is in The Voice finale of 2024? ›

The five finalists vying for the crown are Nathan Chester (Team Legend), Josh Sanders (Team Reba), Asher HaVon (Team Reba), Bryan Olesen (Team Legend), and Karen Waldrup (Team Dan + Shay). Ahead of the grand finale, the finalists performed solos for two solos each.

Who is Asher the winner of The Voice? ›

Asher HaVon is a rising soulful gospel and R&B artist from Selma, Alabama who was just crowned the winner of The Voice season 25! This extremely competitive season also marked Coach Reba McEntire's first win on the NBC competition show as she served as HaVon's mentor.

Who won season 23 of The Voice? ›

Gina Miles' Return to The Voice Stage Featured Her Most Haunting Vocals Yet. The Voice Season 23 winner stopped by the Season 25 Finale to perform a rendition of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game."

Who are the 5 finalists on The Voice tonight? ›

'The Voice' Finale: Asher HaVon, Josh Sanders, Bryan Olesen, Nathan Chester & Karen Waldrup Perform With Coach. Entertainment Tonight.

Who are the top 5 left on The Voice? ›

These five Artists are headed to The Voice Finale on May 20 and 21: Bryan Olesen (Instant Save Winner), Josh Sanders, Asher HaVon, Karen Waldrup, and Nathan Chester. "It's a well-oiled machine, so getting in at this time is marvelous," McEntire told Newsweek in 2023 about joining The Voice as a Coach.

Who made top 9 on The Voice? ›

Who are the Top 9 on The Voice? The Top 12 results came in, and the nine Artists moving on to next week's Lives are: Karen Waldrup, Serenity Arce, Bryan Olesen, Asher HaVon, Madison Curbelo, Nathan Chester, Josh Sanders, Maddi Jane, and Tae Lewis (Instant Save).

Who are the 5 finalists on The Voice season 25? ›

The top 5 finalists included Asher HaVon, Bryan Olesen, Josh Sanders, Karen Waldrup and Nathan Chester for whom the US voted in unison.


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