We reviewed 18 white tank tops: here are the best for coverage and comfort (2024)

Let’s get back to basics.

Really, there isn’t much else more basic and yet essential for the modern woman to have in her closet than the humble white tank top.

However, as easy as they may be to style and wear year-round, they are not as easy to shop for.

White is oh-so flattering and easy to style, but it also is one of the least forgiving colors when it comes to stains, discoloration and, of course, transparency when it comes to undergarments or lack thereof. Perhaps white denim is only for before Labor Day, but since white tanks are a necessity all year, we wanted to do a deep dive ASAP.

Finding a cute, fitted and opaque tank has become the challenge of many, espeically one woman who went viral on TikTok during her never-ending search for the perfect tank.

Now called “wife pleaser” instead of the more violent-sounding “wife beater,” user @jacquieslife explains her criteria for the perfect tank.


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This mission is still going on for Jac, even after trying on countless tanks from an assortment of brands, including little kid styles just for fun. We wanted to get in on the action, too, inspired by her quest for the perfect wife pleaser in 2022.

Read by brand or simply scroll to see our findings, each tested by our senior writer, Sophie Cannon. The criteria? Each tank needed to come in a true white color, go up to at least an XL if not larger, not have a built-in bra or lining and had to be opaque enough to not see a skin tone-colored bra underneath. Did they all pass the test? Scroll down or sort by brand to find out.

  • lululemon
  • Halara
  • Reformation
  • Lulus
  • Cider
  • Mango
  • Shein

1. lululemon

For options that are both athletic and everyday, lululemon is a great place to start.

In order of the photo above, I ordered the cropped All Yours Crop Tank ($38), the full-length Classic-Fit Cotton-Blend Tank ($48) and the Love Tank ($38-$42) for a mid-length to round out the set of three. The material is exactly what you would expect from the athletic clothing company, with thick, enforced seams and a light, breathable fabric that can easily translate from the gym to the streets.

As for transparency each of the three shirts did show a tiny bit of the white bra worn underneath, so for a fully opaque look, opt for a skin-tone colored undergarment to be safe.

The lululemon tank tops are perfect for:

  • Those who love an athletic cut
  • Options for cropped, mid-length and full-length coverage with a classic neckline
  • Opaque enough for a nude undergarment, but light enough to show a pop of color should you choose a fun sports bra or bralette
  • Price range: $38 – $48
  • Size range: 0 to 20, I took a size 12

2. Halara

Halara was another highly searched for brand, and so I needed to try a sampling of their styles. From left to right, I chose the Ribbed Knit Workout Cropped Tank Top ($25), Cut Out Crossover Hem Yoga Tank Top ($28), and the Cut Out Asymmetric Hem Casual Tank Top ($25.)

As with many athletic brands, all of the tank tops were tight to the body, made of super soft but very clingy fabric that is perfect for a workout, but possibly not for an everyday look. My favorite of the three however, was the tightest Ribbed Knit Workout Cropped Tank Top (far left) as it was perfect to tuck into shorts or even a skirt when worn to work. Just because it says workout in the name doesn’t mean I have to, right?

Because of the thinner material, all three tank tops are more on the transparent side, meaning that for a work-appropriate look, nude undergarments are required.

The Halara tank tops are perfect for:

  • Those that love an athletic cut and light, sweat-wicking fabric
  • Those that prefer a tighter silhouette, perfect to tuck into jeans or wear to the gym
  • Price range: $25 – $28
  • Size range: XS to XL in most; I took an XL

3. Reformation

I was honestly most excited to get my Reformation order in the mail, as ordering from them is always a treat. I opted for two of their tanks, the Tasha Tank ($38) and the Julia Ribbed Sweater Tank ($98.)

I know that the latter is a splurge for “just a tank” but it did end up being one of my favorites. Not only is the material super soft and work-appropriate, but it was the only 100% opaque tank that also offered support, with or without a bra underneath. I know the knit material may be cheating, since so different from the rest, but this white tank is now a closet favorite, worn with jeans, over dresses and skirts and even under a blazer for a dressier occasion.

The Reformation tank tops are perfect for:

  • A splurge, but one that will serve you well for many years
  • Those looking for a more winter-weight tank top with a knit material
  • A mix and match of more casual tank tops and then dressier ones
  • Price range: $38 – $98
  • Size range: XS to XL, I took an XL

4. Lulus

Lulus is a New York Post beloved brand, appearing in many of our fashion roundups, since they seem to carry just about everything — including white tank tops. From left to right, I ordered the Everyday Essential White Ribbed Racerback Tank Top ($18), the Feels Like Dancing White Crop Top ($22) and the Easy Excellence White Crew Neck Tank Top ($42.) Note: the last tank is now sold out, but should you want a more upscale fit, complete with a lining and a zipper, wait for that to come back to the site.

My favorite tank was the one in the middle, the Feels Like Dancing White Crop Top. While it did sit just a little bit higher on my short torso than I normally like, the silky soft fabric and double layer made up fro that in spades. Since it was double-lined, this tank was one of the more opaque styles I tried, perfect to be worn with a white or flesh-colored bra or even pasties.

The Lulus tank tops are perfect for:

  • Those that like a cropped look, or those with shorter torsos
  • Those that like double-lined tanks, with the Feels Like Dancing and the Easy Excellence tank tops
  • A great price-point
  • Price range: $18 – $42
  • Size range: XS to XL, I took an XL

5. Cider

Cider was another highly requested brand I needed to try. From the left, I ordered the Solid Rib Basic Tank Top ($10), Solid Rib Button Up Tank Top ($8), and Solid Rib Corset Tank Top ($8).

The first thing to note was just how nice the material was, especially for the price, which is the lowest on the list at only $8 to $10 a pop. Each of the three tops were ribbed, which I also thought made them appear more opaque and could disguise bra lines. Speaking of, I would say these tops were a 7/10 in terms of opacity, allowing a nude bra to go unnoticed underneath.

The Cider tank tops are perfect for:

  • Those on a budget but who want high-quality fabric
  • Those who want an array of cuts and styles, like corset and button-ups
  • Price range: $8 – $10
  • Size range: XS to 4XL in most, I took an XL

6. Mango

Mango is one of those stores that I’ve always seen yet never tried. That changed with the Ribbed cotton-blend top ($20) and the Flowy strap top ($20) for two casual looks.

Both tanks came with reinforced stitching on the hem, something I love in shirts that I plan to wear and wash over and over again. They are both also on the thinner side, making them more transparent than opaque, showing the lines of my nude bra through. To remedy this, a seamless bra would do the trick, or pasties should you opt for those.

I did love the length on both of these tops, as it can be hard to find a full-coverage tank that isn’t too cropped or too long on my shorter torso.

The Mango tank tops are perfect for:

  • Those that like mid-length coverage
  • Affordable styles that can be worn year-long
  • Price range: $20
  • Size range: XXS to 4XL in most styles, I took an XL

7. Shein

Last but not least, the trusty and vast world that is Shein. The site really does have everything, including their basics collection. I ordered the SHEIN BASICS Solid Crop Halter Top ($5) and the SHEIN BASICS Plus Solid Slim Tank Top ($7), which was actually part of Shein Curve extended sizing line.

Both tops, regardless of the Curve or the straight sizing fit pretty snug, with soft fabric that hugs the body. I normally like a bit more of a flow, but these are great for tucking into jeans or pants without bunching. I also love the array of styles offered at Shein, with choices for necklines as well as cropped and longer cuts too.

The last thing to mention is of course the pricing, with all styles below $10, making it worth your while to stock up.

The Shein tank tops are perfect for:

  • Those who love a variety of styles, cuts and lengths
  • A tighter fitting tank that hugs your curves
  • Price range: $5 – $7 (the most affordable on the list)
  • Size range: 0XL – 4XL (curve) and XS to XL (regular), I took an XL

Check outNew York Post Shoppingfor more content.

We reviewed 18 white tank tops: here are the best for coverage and comfort (2024)


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